Malibu wine hikes

Last week my mom and I took a quick girls trip to L.A. to visit my sister. The highlight of our trip was doing the Malibu Wine Hike. It’s located on Saddlerock Ranch up in the mountaintops of Malibu. The views and picturesque backdrops felt like scenes out of a movie. This guided hike tour gets five stars and more! I can’t wait to return one day.

The Ranch offers different tours and hikes, but we chose the hike that lets you meet Stanley the giraffe, a famous giraffe and retired movie star! He’s known for being in the movie: Hangover 3.

The hike will cost you $65.00. It’s a 2.5 mile moderate hike that lasts for 2 hours. After finishing the hike, a shuttle will pick you up and drive you close to the Semler Malibu Winery to sample some wine tasting. The hike is mostly flat ground with some hills, nothing too strenuous. Your tour guide will take you all throughout the property where they will tell you about the history, sentimental value and special places of the ranch. Our tour guide was Sophia. She was very sweet and she let us take our time when we wanted to take pictures and she even gave us extra time with Stanley, as the day wasn’t too busy. We loved her! During the hike you get to feed lama’s, miniature horses, zebra’s, and of course Mr. Stanley the Giraffe. We even got to see camels and other amazing animals too.

The ranch is just breathtakingly gorgeous. They host weddings and special events often. I really loved the stories about the owner Ron Semler and his family. Every part of the ranch had some important significant value and meaning that tied to his family. You can really feel the love here.

Stanley was obviously my favorite part. He sure is a special giraffe. It’s very rare to be able to pet, feed, kiss, and just chill with such a miraculous and gentle creature.
After the hike, a shuttle took us, not even 5 minutes away, to the Semler Malibu Winery. This place is so cute and again has that rustic family oriented fun vibe. The wine was great and the music was good too. It made you want to get up and dance, but then again maybe it was just the wine!

As we did this in early November the weather was absolutely perfect and cool. We didn’t break a sweat. Flat and covered shoes are mandatory. Prior to the hike I noticed most people wearing athletic attire, but I wanted to dress up a little more for the pictures. I was worried I would look like Elle woods from the movie Legally Blonde coming to a hike too dressed up, but again the hike was not too strenuous and the temperature was cool.

Malibu and this ranch has a special place in my heart. What a beautiful city it is. I highly recommend you to visit Saddlerock Ranch and the Semler Winery the next time you’re in the area! I know you will make some magical and lifelong memories.


Your health is an investment not an expense.

This quote is something I live by with my family. Staying healthy is not just about having a good looking exterior, but it’s about living a rich life by feeling great from the inside out. Hoku and I had our first THRIVE experience and the effects were impressive.
What is THRIVE? Thrive is an 8-week lifestyle plan to help you achieve your peak physical and mental levels with just three easy steps.
-(2) Capsules
-(1) Lifestyle mix
-(1) Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) patch.

You take these three on the daily.
THRIVE provides many different health benefits. Each person experiences something different and I would love to share ours.

-To start your day, take (2) capsules on an empty stomach.

-Follow that with the lifestyle mix (shake). For best results, take the lifestyle mix 40 minutes after you take the (2))capsules.

-Place your DFT patch on the recommended areas of your body (shown in instructions) and you replace that every 24 hours.

I don’t know about you, but taking multi-vitamins on an empty stomach spooked me a little because of previous bad experiences. I was very surprised that I didn’t feel any types of nausea or queasiness from the capsules. After taking both capsules and the lifestyle mix, I could tell the difference immediately with my energy level from the very first day and it continued through each day of taking the products.

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Le Dîner en Blanc

We do this every year and it just keeps getting bigger, better, and more memorable! Dîner en Blanc is a classy large-scaled picnic, where the attendees learn of the secret location literally moments before they arrive! It was started in Paris nearly thirty years ago, where it now hosts over 10,000 guests every year in Paris alone! The main purpose of this event is to gather in a secret location while sharing a gourmet meal with friends at one of their city’s most spectacular and iconic locations, dressed elegantly in all white from head to toe. Many cities around the world have now participated in this epic annual all White party. This will be Honolulu’s 4th time and it’s been such an honor to have been a member all four years.

The key rules:
-In order to participate and attend you must be a member, or sponsored by a member from the previous year. Or, you can sign up for the waitlist, on their official site. (If you’re interested in attending one in 2018, I highly recommend you to sign up for the waiting list now.)
– Together the attendees arrive and depart by a chartered bus or organized public form of transportation. They must take all their belongings with them to the event, and leave with all of them at the end of the night. This includes any trash or leftovers they may have.
– Participants must bring: a table, two white chairs, picnic basket with a white tablecloth, napkins, a gourmet meal, dishwater, cutlery, and glassware. Wine and champagne are allowed, but beer and hard alcohol is prohibited.
-Dress code is elegant wear. All white and White only!

Once participants arrive at the secret location, they quickly set up their table, chairs, and decor. Then the fun quickly begins!
I love getting the chance to dress up with my husband and friends, take lots of pictures, laugh and dance the night away! Every year my friends and I bring different dishes and share our favorite cuisines. It’s broaden my taste buds and given me a new variety of ways I can be a better host even outside of the event!

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“Shall we dance”

For our recent date night, Hoku and I took ballroom lessons for Marriage Mondays, an event our home church was hosting. Being that one of our favorite shows to watch is Dancing with the stars, we were so excited to learn the proper steps to the foxtrot. As we both have had some dance experience, we didn’t think it would be as challenging as it was. We enjoyed our time, but what really intrigued me was how much ballroom dancing correlates to a Christ centered Marriage. I just wanted to share some encouraging reminders of how to have a healthy marriage!

First off, in Ballroom, the Male always takes Lead. The woman follows his lead. When turning, he gently guides her to where they should go and is always looking out for what problems can occur on the dance floor, just like real life! He protects her. The female also can gently give him warnings or a squeeze if they’re headed to a collision or problem that he can’t see. They both rely on one another and most importantly they trust each other.
When in hold, both Male and female dance very close and they equally give their partners support. What was most challenging for me, is that you must have lots of patience! I felt like I was learning the steps a little quicker than Hoku, while he was still getting used to the unique counts. Just like in marriage, I sometimes feel that I have discernment about things that he may not understand. Just like noted before, the female can gently warn her partner, but we still have to be patient, pray, and have faith that our husbands will gain understanding.

I’m sure there is much more relevant points, but we only had a two hour class LOL. I hope this was a great reminder and a blessing to your marriage as it was to mines❤️

Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to The Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭5:22-25‬ ‭

Aloha for Jesus

It was such a pleasure to meet the owners of “Aloha for Jesus” this past weekend, at the Bloom conference, in Honolulu. I love supporting small kingdom minded  businesses, especially when they’re owned by Mom’s?

Aloha for Jesus is a fresh new Christian apparel company! They have a passion to share the Love and light of Jesus with a Local-Hawaiian flare.
I really love the simplicity of the design and how bold and clearly the love and praise for Jesus is portrayed! They have both women and men tees that are extra soft and cool for this hot summer weather. They also have a variety of hats, totes and purses.

Check out their website at and follow them on Instagram at @alohaforjesus


Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Product Review

I’m sure by now you all have heard of the lash craze that Rodan + Fields has launched, with their new Lash boost serum. It promises Lush, longer-looking lashes with results as early as 4 weeks. After seeing all the progress photos I still had my doubts, because honestly the results looked too good to be true. How would such a dominating skin care company risk their integrity if the results weren’t real? It intrigued me enough to try it, and I’m so happy that I did, because my results are phenomenal.

After performing professionally and dancing, for so many years, I got used to wearing makeup daily and accustomed to having “stage makeup” on. I would never like to go out or take photos if I didn’t have false lashes on. I was told that you can’t see my eyes on stage when I smile because they were “too small” so I became very self-conscious. Wearing false lashes all the time boosted my confidence, but it’s so much work to add to your daily routine, plus having to deal with the irritation and heaviness all day. It’s not fun when the ends come off and poke your inner eye either lol. I’ve tried lash extensions which I love, but the upkeep maintenance was getting too costly. Also, I’m a mom, so let’s get real, it’s hard enough to make normal appointments, then to add lash extensions to my list. When Rodan + Fields came out with their Lash boost serum I was ready to give it a try. I apply it like I’m putting eyeliner on the top of my lid, once each night. Then, I go to sleep. It’s that simple! When you first start, you have to remember patience and consistency will give you the best results. If you’re looking for a product that’s going to change your lashes overnight, then this is not the product for you. I first started seeing results within the first 4 weeks of using the product, My lashes were definitely growing longer. By my 8th week of using the R+F lash boost, my lashes were noticeably both longer and thicker. I felt confident enough with just mascara and no longer needed to use false lashes. I’m currently on my 4th month of using lash boost and wow, just WOW!!! My results are amazing! My eyelashes touch my eyebrows and they are getting so much darker and fuller. R+F lash boost serum cost $150.00 a bottle, and I’m only on my second bottle as I’m in my 4th month of use. Which it’s really not that expensive if you break the cost down. If you still would rather have lash extensions the R+F lash boost can help you grow thicker lashes to make your extensions look that much better as you can only put extensions on the natural lashes that you have. Which is awesome cause it doesn’t take away from the lash extensions business either, it boosts it lol!
I’m so excited to see what my lashes will look like after using it for a full year.

I am not a consultant or getting paid for this product review. I’m just a happy customer amazed at my results. If you don’t know a R+F consultant and would like more info on how to order through my contact, email me at
My fellow dancer Friend Hoapili Sing is a pastors wife and stay at home mommy of two boys. I love that I have a chance to support her small business to allow her to bless her beautiful family who serves so many in our community.

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Wild and three

As I sit here writing thank-you cards for Zion’s 3rd Birthday party last month, I realized that I didn’t get to share it here on the blog. When I throw parties, the first thing that comes to mind is how do I make it enjoyable for all of our guests? I’ve learned that parties can either be a burden or a blessing, I choose for it to be a blessing and use it as a chance to serve others. It’s always my top priority to make everyone feel as comfortable and relaxed as they can be. Especially for the moms that have to watch their little ones by themselves.
I truly enjoy planning all the details and prepping for a party. Pinterest has forever changed the game for party planners, but, it can also sometimes make me feel overwhelmed and seem as if I’m not doing enough. When preparing for Zion’s Party, I tried to keep it as simple as I could and try and not to sweat the small stuff. Some of my friends joked that my party was not simple (lol), but, I guess in relation to the perfect Pinterest world, it was as simple as I would have liked.

We decided to go with a Drive-in movie theme. Zion’s birthday is so close to Christmas, so I went with a woodsy + lumberjack plaid feel. Being how the theme was a drive-in, Hoku made each individual child a car out of cardboard boxes. When the kids arrived, they decorated and personalized their cars with stickers, markers, and created their name on a license plate. I feared that none of the kids would actually sit in their cars and that it wouldn’t have been used. But, to my surprise, the kids loved it and they all sat in it during the movie. For food, we ordered pizza from Costco and had lots of snacks and desserts in our concession stand. The party wouldn’t have been a success without Honolulu party rentals. They provided a tent, chairs, projector +screen, and popcorn machine. They gave us an amazing deal and they were very professional. Honolulu party rentals have an awesome variety of bouncy houses and other things we didn’t have at our party, but you should really consider them for your next event if you live on the island of Oahu.

With only Hoku and I setting up the party, plus trying to keep the house clean and orderly with the two kiddos, it made it a little stressful. Then you have the feelings of: “I’m never doing this again!”, kept ringing in my head (lol). After all our family and friends came and seeing the enjoyment and even hearing the feedback on how much fun they had, it really made it all worthwhile. It reminded me of why we even threw the party in the first place, To celebrate our precious Zion. It was also to serve and show our appreciation to those who have played such a big role in helping us steward and raise him up these last 3 years.







Merry Christmas

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! I have been Praying a blessing over all of you this season! Thank you so much for supporting my blog. Your encouragement goes beyond words, and I am so grateful! Have a beautiful day Praising our King Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas with Love,
Nalani and her boys?

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭9:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Photography by Sheena Marie Photography

Disneyland tips


Planning a trip to Disneyland with your littles? If not so already, Follow on Instagram. Magic Kingdom Mamas are two sisters that share amazing tips with families traveling to Disneyland. They post daily and all their information is up to date! Following them while on my trip was a huge help to our vacation success.

During my family’s stay, we stayed at the Paradise Pier. It’s the cheapest of the three resorts on the Disneyland property. For us, traveling with two young children alone, with no extra family help, was worth it! When you stay at any of the three Disney resorts, you get an extra magic hour everyday. Extra magic hour is exclusive to resort guests only. You can enter either at Disneyland or California adventure park an hour earlier than the general public. This was a great perk but we never got up in time to use it, lol! What I really loved about staying on the resort, was the exclusive park entry through the Grand Californian Resort and spa. We never had to wait in security lines to enter either of the parks which was a plus. If you read in my previous post, my husband and Mateo caught a stomach bug and had to go back to the hotel room to rest. Staying on the resort made it super easy to go back and take naps in the day which is a must with young kids. Our next trip, we will save a little extra in order to stay at The Grand Californian Resort and spa. It’s so beautiful, especially if you go during the holidays.

Here are some tips that I experienced that really helped with my personal experience at Disneyland, and what I learned during the duration of our stay.

1. Have structure on what you want to do/see but be flexible enough for things to change or not go your way. (Cause It will)
2. Download the Disneyland app for ride wait times and to plan fast-passes
3. A stroller is a MUST even if you have a five year old. There’s so much walking and Disneyland is designed for strollers with plenty of stroller parking in front of rides.
4. Bring an extra plastic bag to leave behind valuables in stroller that you won’t miss if it were to get stolen. That way you don’t have to carry it with you while you stand in line. For us that plastic bag came in handy when Hoku and Mateo caught that stomach bug. I have video footage of Hoku vomiting in it, on the dumbo ride! He deserved father of the year award. It’s a funny story now that we look back on it.
5. Always pack extra clothes even for the adults. I thought that was too extreme, but I needed those extra clothes almost everyday we were there. Trust me!
6. Pack a large blanket for the parades. This was the best tip we could have received. We were able to save a big spot and not have to worry about sitting on the gross ground.
7. Plan on saving your spot for the parades at least an hour in advance. It’s nearly impossible to think you can watch the parade right before it starts. Swarms of people come out of nowhere, but if you have a blanket no one is going to step on it. While we waited an hour before the parades or fireworks, we used that downtime to snack, give our legs a rest, and post on IG lol.
8. Disneyland food is the worst! It’s so expensive too. They have amazing snacks and sweet treats but you’ll feel sick if you’re surviving off of that all day long. My suggestion is before you enter the park, stop at Earl of Sandwich in downtown Disney. Pack sandwiches and save it for later, to get something hearty in.
9. Let it go. Expect unforeseen things to happen, but dust it off and grow tough skin. It’s the happiest place on earth! Don’t let petty things ruin your family vacation. Even if half the family gets the stomach bug for a day like ours did LoL!





Paint the Night Parade is a Must See!






















Happiest place on earth


Home sweet home, but my heart still yearns to be in Disneyland! We had so much fun on our special vacation celebrating Mateo’s big ONE! Hoku and I decided to break the mold, so, instead of a big birthday party, we knew investing in a family trip would be the best for our family. We had several people give their opinions on why Disneyland would not be a good idea because our boys are so young and won’t remember. For those of you who are wondering if it is a good choice and worth it…The answer is a million times YES! I knew they wouldn’t remember it, but the happiness and joy it brought in the moment, will last in Hoku’s and my heart forever! There are over a dozen rides that toddlers and infants can ride. Not to mention all the characters, parades, and the hands-on-activities that are suitable for all ages.

We took so many beautiful pictures and all those moments were real enjoyable, but our trip wasn’t perfect and how we envisioned it. Life happens and speed bumps even appear on vacation. The day of Mateo’s first birthday both Hoku and Mateo caught a stomach bug. Hoku was able to shake it off within a few hours, but the poor birthday boy was vomiting over a span of 24 hours. The next day, we couldn’t handle seeing him in such discomfort so we ended up taking him to the Orange County ER to get him some anti-nausea medication. The sickness and ER visit took up a good part of the day and I felt so bummed. “God why is this happening right now?” “Why on our vacation when we are spending so much money and have been looking forward to this for the past couple of months”. After saying this in my head, I heard him gently say to just be thankful. Thankful that my baby is going to be fine, Thankful that we even get to be together as a family to take a vacation. I just let the frustration go, and quickly changed the way I was thinking. That night Mateo felt so much better and we enjoyed the most magical night at Disney. We still got to do everything I wanted to do, even though we lost a whole day. All the unforeseen things make for good laughs and memories. Like having video of hoku throwing up on the dumbo ride. It’s the funniest thing now that we look back on it


Happiest Place on Earth Shirts available at










Mateo and Mickey mouse share the same birthday!