Farmhouse Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time where we get the opportunity to bless others. A season to be kinder, but most of all, to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Some people may call me festive, but decorating my house for Christmas is more than just the decor and flocked tree. It’s a way of worship and glorifying Jesus!
It’s the busiest time of the year for my family. Birthday after Birthday on top of all the Christmas festivities. No matter how busy and tired I can get from this season, I will always make time to go above and beyond to make my home special for my boys. That way, they will grow up loving that Christmas spirit.

Every year I change our theme, and this year I chose to go with a Farmhouse lumber jack plaid, with the vintage red truck with tree on top! Being a mother of boys, I’ve become pretty obsessed with vintage trucks.
There’s something about that farmhouse feel that makes your home look elegant, yet cozy at the same time! I love how everything turned out! My talented husband hit a home run again and made a mantel/faux fireplace that we will probably leave up all year long. He also built a barnyard fence to protect our tree from the two rugrats we have here at home. It’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing! Winning!
I can’t believe Christmas is here! I’m not quite ready to put away our Christmas decor. I might just leave it up until February!

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Book review: The Magnolia Story

Just finished this great read!

I’m a huge Chip and Joanna Gaines fan. I love them so much, but, I didn’t expect their book to impact me in so many different areas of my life! It was encouraging! They have a huge fan base and are extremely successful, despite the fact, that they started from a humble beginning. They have so much in common with both you and I! Their story is very relatable and it really inspires you to go after your dreams. Whether you’re a business owner, or have a goal you wish to embark on, The Magnolia story will show you that it’s not out of reach when you have God and take a leap of faith. You don’t have to be huge fans, watch their show on HGTV, or even know who they are to be moved by their unique story. What’s also great, if you’re not much of a big reader, you can buy the audio book on iTunes and guess what?… It’s their voices!!! How cool is that?! Inside the book there are a few bonus pages with photos that reference the stories they share. Loved putting that connection together with a visual.

Joanna Gaines is such a great role model for us women, especially in this generation where fame and sex appeal is so heavily influenced. I admire her love for God, her husband + children, and of course, her interior design skills! My dream is to visit the Magnolia Market in Waco Texas, in the near future!

This book is on high demand along with their new amazing Magazine, The Magnolia journal. If you can’t find it at your local target, you can order it on



Today is a good day, for a good day!



Who ever came up with the idea of a cake smash photo opt is a genius! As Mateo is only one week out from turning ONE, we are so eager to jump in on all the big milestone festivities. I love photos because they are timeless. They can take you back to moments and bring back emotions that really made those memories memorable. I knew I wanted to do a cake smash photo shoot and do it right. I totally failed with, our first born, Zion. I thought I could pull it off at his First birthday party, while he was sick and in front of all our guests. At that time, it really freaked him out, so when we tried another day, cake was his new nightmare! This time around as a more experienced mama, I went in a little more prepared. I had a vision in mind. I looked on Pinterest which clarified my vision. Then, I used what I had at home for props. The photos came out amazing, and it was the most stress free and enjoyable shoot I had ever done. Mateo would of ate that whole cake if he could. I don’t know why, but, watching babies eat their first cake is literally the cutest thing ever!

Tips for a DIY cake smash or baby shoot
1. Have a vision
2. Practice or Display your setup the night before so you’re not disappointed the day of shoot.
3. Choose a location or backdrop.
4. Best time to shoot outdoors is 1-2 hours before sunset.
5. Make sure your baby had a good nap and is feeling well before shoot.
6. Have an assistant to help. (Husbands are great lol)
7. Enjoy and have FUN no matter how your kid is performing. Sometimes the crying and candid moments make the best memories + photos.


(Photography assistant AKA dad)





-Mateo’s Burlap birthday crown was bought on Etsy from the La La Lola Shop

-Black jogger pants from Zara kids

-Black flag banner from target’s dollar spot

-Vintage letter board from Letter Folk
(Which I’m totally obsessed with)




Squad Goals

Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe Halloween is here!!! That means it’s practically New years already. Wow! How time flies. Hoku and I love to dress up every year, and now that we have kids, it’s even more fun to dress up as a family. Last year we were a Super Squad. I knew this year would be more challenging to find a costume that both my boys would keep on. They don’t like to wear hats or anything on their faces. Originally, I planned on being Sandy and Danny Zuko from the movie Grease. I was going to have Zion and Mateo dress up as the thunderbirds with their chucks and leather jackets. As Halloween approached, the idea of Grease didn’t excite me as much, so I came up with the idea of making our own DIY costumes out of cardboard, and be the crew from the Disney movie, CARS! Zion absolutely loves Lightning McQueen and I thought Mateo would be a perfect Tow Mater with his two front teeth. We leave for  Disneyland in a month, and I feel like this will give us a head start on celebrating that special Disney magic.

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Make + Mix (Pinterest Party)

Want to throw a perfect mommies night in party? Why not have a Make + Mix Pinterest party? My dearest friend, Mrs. Leina Ryder and I collaborated together and hosted the cutest craft party in town! We invited a few of our closest friends to come over, share their DIY crafts, snack on the most scrumptious desserts, while drinking a glass of vino, and connecting with other fellow mommies. So how does it work? Continue reading “Make + Mix (Pinterest Party)”