Malibu wine hikes

Last week my mom and I took a quick girls trip to L.A. to visit my sister. The highlight of our trip was doing the Malibu Wine Hike. It’s located on Saddlerock Ranch up in the mountaintops of Malibu. The views and picturesque backdrops felt like scenes out of a movie. This guided hike tour gets five stars and more! I can’t wait to return one day.

The Ranch offers different tours and hikes, but we chose the hike that lets you meet Stanley the giraffe, a famous giraffe and retired movie star! He’s known for being in the movie: Hangover 3.

The hike will cost you $65.00. It’s a 2.5 mile moderate hike that lasts for 2 hours. After finishing the hike, a shuttle will pick you up and drive you close to the Semler Malibu Winery to sample some wine tasting. The hike is mostly flat ground with some hills, nothing too strenuous. Your tour guide will take you all throughout the property where they will tell you about the history, sentimental value and special places of the ranch. Our tour guide was Sophia. She was very sweet and she let us take our time when we wanted to take pictures and she even gave us extra time with Stanley, as the day wasn’t too busy. We loved her! During the hike you get to feed lama’s, miniature horses, zebra’s, and of course Mr. Stanley the Giraffe. We even got to see camels and other amazing animals too.

The ranch is just breathtakingly gorgeous. They host weddings and special events often. I really loved the stories about the owner Ron Semler and his family. Every part of the ranch had some important significant value and meaning that tied to his family. You can really feel the love here.

Stanley was obviously my favorite part. He sure is a special giraffe. It’s very rare to be able to pet, feed, kiss, and just chill with such a miraculous and gentle creature.
After the hike, a shuttle took us, not even 5 minutes away, to the Semler Malibu Winery. This place is so cute and again has that rustic family oriented fun vibe. The wine was great and the music was good too. It made you want to get up and dance, but then again maybe it was just the wine!

As we did this in early November the weather was absolutely perfect and cool. We didn’t break a sweat. Flat and covered shoes are mandatory. Prior to the hike I noticed most people wearing athletic attire, but I wanted to dress up a little more for the pictures. I was worried I would look like Elle woods from the movie Legally Blonde coming to a hike too dressed up, but again the hike was not too strenuous and the temperature was cool.

Malibu and this ranch has a special place in my heart. What a beautiful city it is. I highly recommend you to visit Saddlerock Ranch and the Semler Winery the next time you’re in the area! I know you will make some magical and lifelong memories.


  1. Lehua

    Wow! This really is a beautiful place!


  2. iTiffa

    Ooh I wanna go on this hike! Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures.


  3. Jenny Higgins

    “Ahhhh such lovely pics. & simply the PERFECT Girl’s getaway, or even family outing! Stanley sure is a stunner, & all the animals so delightful & would sure Love to experience this fabulous winery & scenery!”


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