Your health is an investment not an expense.

This quote is something I live by with my family. Staying healthy is not just about having a good looking exterior, but it’s about living a rich life by feeling great from the inside out. Hoku and I had our first THRIVE experience and the effects were impressive.
What is THRIVE? Thrive is an 8-week lifestyle plan to help you achieve your peak physical and mental levels with just three easy steps.
-(2) Capsules
-(1) Lifestyle mix
-(1) Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) patch.

You take these three on the daily.
THRIVE provides many different health benefits. Each person experiences something different and I would love to share ours.

-To start your day, take (2) capsules on an empty stomach.

-Follow that with the lifestyle mix (shake). For best results, take the lifestyle mix 40 minutes after you take the (2))capsules.

-Place your DFT patch on the recommended areas of your body (shown in instructions) and you replace that every 24 hours.

I don’t know about you, but taking multi-vitamins on an empty stomach spooked me a little because of previous bad experiences. I was very surprised that I didn’t feel any types of nausea or queasiness from the capsules. After taking both capsules and the lifestyle mix, I could tell the difference immediately with my energy level from the very first day and it continued through each day of taking the products.

These past three weeks have been some of the busiest days for me. I’ve been balancing a whole lot of new things to my motherhood schedule. By night fall,  I was shocked that I had made it through the day without needing a nap. My youngest son is still breastfeeding and gets me up multiple times in the night for his comfort feedings. This makes my days that much more tiresome, with the lack of a full nights rest. I’ve been pairing this new Thrive routine with my normal work-outs at Pure barre. I’ve noticed that I have been able to hold on to more muscle from the extra protein I’ve been getting which I really love. It also helped me manage my cravings. Opening my pantry multiple times a day with the kids begging for snacks, I never had the urge to eat my usual chocolate and sweet treats. I would look at it on the shelf and then close it and say “nah”!

Hoku has been feeling the same effects as me, but for him he really loved the DFT patch. I doubted this the most because it doesn’t seem like a square patch could do much. As his job is physically demanding and puts a lot of stress on his body, the DFT patch really helped him with calming general discomfort and body aches. We were in the car driving one day and he kept complaining about a constant knot in his back that bugs him. I told him to move his DFT patch and place it on the area of the knot. He did! Within minutes, he swears the knot was gone and the pain had subsided which I thought was pretty cool!

The challenging thing about the THRIVE experience for me was to put myself first! I had to set alarms and reminders in order to keep up with my morning routine. Some mornings while getting ready, rushing my son to preschool and having appointments after made me miss my daily regimen. Ultimately, I could feel the effects of not getting that extra boost of energy. Like anything with health you have to make a commitment and follow through with it every day.

Overall, we really liked this product and if you’re interested in weight management, Cognitive performance, and natural all day energy, I give this a two thumbs up!????

If you’re interested in getting more information about Thrive and learning about all their products contact my friend and consultant Kuulika Tavares. She is a super mom of 3 beautiful little boys and an awesome loving wife! Her email is and you can find her business website at http:// live


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