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When my Zion was 9 months old, I purchased a shirt from a small business shop online. It was from that point on where I developed a love to fashionably dress him up with cute tees and stylish outfits. My mindset changed when I had a boy. Boys are equally as fun to dress up, just as much as girls are. I dreamt of creating my own kids tees line. I wanted it to be cute, stylish, reasonably priced, and something that had meaning. Since then, kids fashion and online shopping has grown tremendously, setting the bar and creativity standards quite high.

…Fast forward three years later, I was having one of those weeks where I just felt like I was in a funk. Getting lost in the daily routine. I remember praying to God and asking him for “opportunities”. I told Him I don’t know what that means or what I want specifically, but I just feel like I could use an opportunity! That night I went on a double date night with my friend Rachel Chantavong, owner of Shop Zoey Grace, an online Christian woman’s boutique. As we were talking during dinner she told me she wanted to come out with new children’s tees and was wondering if I wanted to collaborate ideas and do it together! I had never mentioned to her prior from that night about wanting to put a kids tees line out, so I knew it was God answering my request for an “Opportunity” to be His voice through our line. I couldn’t believe it! I was pretty thankful.

After months of collaborating ideas and visions, Rachel and I have designed four new t-shirts that we feel embodies what we want our children to represent. As she is already the owner of  Zoey Grace boutique, we decided to keep “Zoey Grace littles” as the brand name for our tees. Our mission is to spread Jesus’ love through our apparel. We hope that our shirts will bless others, shine His light and make a difference! My day job is loving my family. Rachel is a full time elementary school teacher. These shirts aren’t in hopes to become rich and filled with worldly successes, but to speak to others and reach them as our ministry.

First, we have our original pineapple shirt!
Handpicked + Uniquely chosen are boldly stated because we want our children to know just how precious they are in God’s eyes! He adores them! They’re His beloved. Verse Jeremiah 1:5 is printed on the back. We hope it leads to a gateway for our children to learn His word.

Living in Hawai’i means that’s it’s endless summer! Our tropical state of mind tee immediately gives off that rad style vibe! Kids are very resourceful, imaginative, and they have a wonderful way of always thinking of the best outcome! That’s what a tropical state of mind is all about!

Our Aloha Boy and Aloha Girl tees represent all things Love! The vast word love embodies everything Christ Jesus was and is to us today! An Aloha boy and Aloha girl is a child who is learning to build Christ like character. We added a pineapple and yellow plumeria to give it that local Hawaiian flare!

The shirts are now available online at www.shopzoeygrace.com. Find us on Instagram @zoeygracelittles and give us a follow! We are so grateful for all your support!

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  1. Jenny Higgins

    Wonderful, Inspiring Children’s T-shirts. May I suggest “Baby Quilts with Christian theme or scripture message!” Look forward to future products and new designs.


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