Le Dîner en Blanc

We do this every year and it just keeps getting bigger, better, and more memorable! Dîner en Blanc is a classy large-scaled picnic, where the attendees learn of the secret location literally moments before they arrive! It was started in Paris nearly thirty years ago, where it now hosts over 10,000 guests every year in Paris alone! The main purpose of this event is to gather in a secret location while sharing a gourmet meal with friends at one of their city’s most spectacular and iconic locations, dressed elegantly in all white from head to toe. Many cities around the world have now participated in this epic annual all White party. This will be Honolulu’s 4th time and it’s been such an honor to have been a member all four years.

The key rules:
-In order to participate and attend you must be a member, or sponsored by a member from the previous year. Or, you can sign up for the waitlist, on their official site. (If you’re interested in attending one in 2018, I highly recommend you to sign up for the waiting list now.)
– Together the attendees arrive and depart by a chartered bus or organized public form of transportation. They must take all their belongings with them to the event, and leave with all of them at the end of the night. This includes any trash or leftovers they may have.
– Participants must bring: a table, two white chairs, picnic basket with a white tablecloth, napkins, a gourmet meal, dishwater, cutlery, and glassware. Wine and champagne are allowed, but beer and hard alcohol is prohibited.
-Dress code is elegant wear. All white and White only!

Once participants arrive at the secret location, they quickly set up their table, chairs, and decor. Then the fun quickly begins!
I love getting the chance to dress up with my husband and friends, take lots of pictures, laugh and dance the night away! Every year my friends and I bring different dishes and share our favorite cuisines. It’s broaden my taste buds and given me a new variety of ways I can be a better host even outside of the event!

Here’s some photos of Dîner en Blanc the past 4 years in Honolulu.

2014 DEBHNL The very first Dîner en Blanc in Honolulu was held at the royal residence of ‘Iolani Palace. I had the privilege of being one of the bus leaders.

Preview of our table decor

2015 DEBHNL secret location was at Ko ‘Olina. The sunset was phenomenal which set the tone for a beautiful night! I was four months pregnant with my second born.

2016 DEBHNL was held at Hawaii’s Convention center. It wasn’t my favorite venue as I’m a nature lover, but we still very much enjoyed ourselves!

2017 DEBHNL Held at the world famous Kualoa ranch. A popular movie film location which hosted Jurassic park and so much more. It was a magical night!




  1. Jenny Higgins

    WOW……4 Yrs. of FAB…..FAB….FAB…..FAB!!! You’re both da “BOMB!” XOXOXOXO….Grandma & Papa <3 <3


    1. nalani.garza@yahoo.com

      Haha!! Thanks grandma! Love you both❤️


  2. Mom

    I like being able to see how each Year had its own Magical Experience…. That’s definitely a nice tradition and Fun way to Spend a Date Night❤️


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