Wild and three

As I sit here writing thank-you cards for Zion’s 3rd Birthday party last month, I realized that I didn’t get to share it here on the blog. When I throw parties, the first thing that comes to mind is how do I make it enjoyable for all of our guests? I’ve learned that parties can either be a burden or a blessing, I choose for it to be a blessing and use it as a chance to serve others. It’s always my top priority to make everyone feel as comfortable and relaxed as they can be. Especially for the moms that have to watch their little ones by themselves.
I truly enjoy planning all the details and prepping for a party. Pinterest has forever changed the game for party planners, but, it can also sometimes make me feel overwhelmed and seem as if I’m not doing enough. When preparing for Zion’s Party, I tried to keep it as simple as I could and try and not to sweat the small stuff. Some of my friends joked that my party was not simple (lol), but, I guess in relation to the perfect Pinterest world, it was as simple as I would have liked.

We decided to go with a Drive-in movie theme. Zion’s birthday is so close to Christmas, so I went with a woodsy + lumberjack plaid feel. Being how the theme was a drive-in, Hoku made each individual child a car out of cardboard boxes. When the kids arrived, they decorated and personalized their cars with stickers, markers, and created their name on a license plate. I feared that none of the kids would actually sit in their cars and that it wouldn’t have been used. But, to my surprise, the kids loved it and they all sat in it during the movie. For food, we ordered pizza from Costco and had lots of snacks and desserts in our concession stand. The party wouldn’t have been a success without Honolulu party rentals. They provided a tent, chairs, projector +screen, and popcorn machine. They gave us an amazing deal and they were very professional. Honolulu party rentals have an awesome variety of bouncy houses and other things we didn’t have at our party, but you should really consider them for your next event if you live on the island of Oahu.


With only Hoku and I setting up the party, plus trying to keep the house clean and orderly with the two kiddos, it made it a little stressful. Then you have the feelings of: “I’m never doing this again!”, kept ringing in my head (lol). After all our family and friends came and seeing the enjoyment and even hearing the feedback on how much fun they had, it really made it all worthwhile. It reminded me of why we even threw the party in the first place, To celebrate our precious Zion. It was also to serve and show our appreciation to those who have played such a big role in helping us steward and raise him up these last 3 years.







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  1. Rachel

    Absolutely love your posts. Keep it up mama. We are listening and it is so refreshing to hear from you! Hugs!


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