Happiest of New Years Friends!

What does your 2017 look like?
Instead of resolutions, Hoku and I usually pick one word and live by that word all year long. Last year, we chose to live intentionally: To be intentional in our growing relationship with Jesus, and to be more intentional with our friendships. There’s a big difference in having good intentions and actually living them out daily. We stuck with it all through 2016 and it has really shaped my character. For the first time, I feel proud of my self and the path our family is on. I still feel there is room for growth! We will be continuing to live by the word “intentional” on top of the goals we have set individually, in our marriage, with the boys, and as a family!

A year ago I read Bob Goff’s “Love Does” book for the first time. I’m planning on reading it again this week. Bob Goff shows some amazing examples on how to love extravagantly. I discovered a newfound joy in helping others out of love. When you love someone you just do whatever it takes to show them that love. This book has given me a new perspective, not just with my family and friends, but, in how I show love and compassion to complete strangers. If you’re looking for a new read this new year, this book is a definite must!



  1. Tiffa

    Sis, Bob Goff is coming back in End of feb or march. YAY!!


    1. nalani.garza@yahoo.com

      WHAT!!!! Yayyyy! I’ve been meaning to ask you you to ask the team to bring him back ??


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