Happiest place on earth


Home sweet home, but my heart still yearns to be in Disneyland! We had so much fun on our special vacation celebrating Mateo’s big ONE! Hoku and I decided to break the mold, so, instead of a big birthday party, we knew investing in a family trip would be the best for our family. We had several people give their opinions on why Disneyland would not be a good idea because our boys are so young and won’t remember. For those of you who are wondering if it is a good choice and worth it…The answer is a million times YES! I knew they wouldn’t remember it, but the happiness and joy it brought in the moment, will last in Hoku’s and my heart forever! There are over a dozen rides that toddlers and infants can ride. Not to mention all the characters, parades, and the hands-on-activities that are suitable for all ages.

We took so many beautiful pictures and all those moments were real enjoyable, but our trip wasn’t perfect and how we envisioned it. Life happens and speed bumps even appear on vacation. The day of Mateo’s first birthday both Hoku and Mateo caught a stomach bug. Hoku was able to shake it off within a few hours, but the poor birthday boy was vomiting over a span of 24 hours. The next day, we couldn’t handle seeing him in such discomfort so we ended up taking him to the Orange County ER to get him some anti-nausea medication. The sickness and ER visit took up a good part of the day and I felt so bummed. “God why is this happening right now?” “Why on our vacation when we are spending so much money and have been looking forward to this for the past couple of months”. After saying this in my head, I heard him gently say to just be thankful. Thankful that my baby is going to be fine, Thankful that we even get to be together as a family to take a vacation. I just let the frustration go, and quickly changed the way I was thinking. That night Mateo felt so much better and we enjoyed the most magical night at Disney. We still got to do everything I wanted to do, even though we lost a whole day. All the unforeseen things make for good laughs and memories. Like having video of hoku throwing up on the dumbo ride. It’s the funniest thing now that we look back on it


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Mateo and Mickey mouse share the same birthday!










  1. Samantha Slater

    Aw! I love this one. Great reminder of always being thankful!


    1. nalani.garza@yahoo.com

      Yes!! Totally. Thank you Samantha❤️


  2. Robyn

    I know, I get a little annoyed when people tell me my kids won’t remember Disneyland because they’re so young. They won’t rememeber a big party either so there ? On one trip, same exact thing happened to us. Our son got sick on his 1st birthday and we went to the same hospital! It’s huge compared to Kapiolani haha. Love all the family pictures, very inspiring thanks for sharing!


  3. nalani.garza@yahoo.com

    Thank you Robyn! Haha, they told us that they’re the official Disneyland hospital lol! I felt the same way when people would say that, but I’m glad I went with my heart instead. Have a great week!


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