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Planning a trip to Disneyland with your littles? If not so already, Follow https://www.instagram.com/magic_kingdom_mamas/?hl=en on Instagram. Magic Kingdom Mamas are two sisters that share amazing tips with families traveling to Disneyland. They post daily and all their information is up to date! Following them while on my trip was a huge help to our vacation success.

During my family’s stay, we stayed at the Paradise Pier. It’s the cheapest of the three resorts on the Disneyland property. For us, traveling with two young children alone, with no extra family help, was worth it! When you stay at any of the three Disney resorts, you get an extra magic hour everyday. Extra magic hour is exclusive to resort guests only. You can enter either at Disneyland or California adventure park an hour earlier than the general public. This was a great perk but we never got up in time to use it, lol! What I really loved about staying on the resort, was the exclusive park entry through the Grand Californian Resort and spa. We never had to wait in security lines to enter either of the parks which was a plus. If you read in my previous post, my husband and Mateo caught a stomach bug and had to go back to the hotel room to rest. Staying on the resort made it super easy to go back and take naps in the day which is a must with young kids. Our next trip, we will save a little extra in order to stay at The Grand Californian Resort and spa. It’s so beautiful, especially if you go during the holidays.

Here are some tips that I experienced that really helped with my personal experience at Disneyland, and what I learned during the duration of our stay.

1. Have structure on what you want to do/see but be flexible enough for things to change or not go your way. (Cause It will)
2. Download the Disneyland app for ride wait times and to plan fast-passes
3. A stroller is a MUST even if you have a five year old. There’s so much walking and Disneyland is designed for strollers with plenty of stroller parking in front of rides.
4. Bring an extra plastic bag to leave behind valuables in stroller that you won’t miss if it were to get stolen. That way you don’t have to carry it with you while you stand in line. For us that plastic bag came in handy when Hoku and Mateo caught that stomach bug. I have video footage of Hoku vomiting in it, on the dumbo ride! He deserved father of the year award. It’s a funny story now that we look back on it.
5. Always pack extra clothes even for the adults. I thought that was too extreme, but I needed those extra clothes almost everyday we were there. Trust me!
6. Pack a large blanket for the parades. This was the best tip we could have received. We were able to save a big spot and not have to worry about sitting on the gross ground.
7. Plan on saving your spot for the parades at least an hour in advance. It’s nearly impossible to think you can watch the parade right before it starts. Swarms of people come out of nowhere, but if you have a blanket no one is going to step on it. While we waited an hour before the parades or fireworks, we used that downtime to snack, give our legs a rest, and post on IG lol.
8. Disneyland food is the worst! It’s so expensive too. They have amazing snacks and sweet treats but you’ll feel sick if you’re surviving off of that all day long. My suggestion is before you enter the park, stop at Earl of Sandwich in downtown Disney. Pack sandwiches and save it for later, to get something hearty in.
9. Let it go. Expect unforeseen things to happen, but dust it off and grow tough skin. It’s the happiest place on earth! Don’t let petty things ruin your family vacation. Even if half the family gets the stomach bug for a day like ours did LoL!





Paint the Night Parade is a Must See!























  1. Skyla

    Thank you for tip #2 &#7! When we took Maddix last year, we kind of walked around aimlessly and it was very hot that day. I think that the app would’ve helped us decide which ride to go to next, depending on the wait times. I also didn’t plan for the parade, & just as you mentioned, crowds of people swarmed the parade area and we were so far in the back that we couldn’t see much, which was a bummer. I didn’t think I’d ever want to relive that trip, but after reading the tips and looking up that Instagram page, I can have a plan. I think I’ll give it another go! Maddix just started getting into the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show!


    1. nalani.garza@yahoo.com

      Yay!! Glad that helps a little. I want to go again and bring everything we learned from this past trip. Thanks for stopping by sis?


  2. Brenda virula

    Thank you for the tips I will defenitly use them when I take my son in one month!
    Do you mind sharing where you got his so adorable Mickey Mouse sweatshirt?


    1. nalani.garza@yahoo.com

      Oh have so much fun! I’m dying to go back with my family!


    2. Brenda virula

      Thank you!?


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