Who ever came up with the idea of a cake smash photo opt is a genius! As Mateo is only one week out from turning ONE, we are so eager to jump in on all the big milestone festivities. I love photos because they are timeless. They can take you back to moments and bring back emotions that really made those memories memorable. I knew I wanted to do a cake smash photo shoot and do it right. I totally failed with, our first born, Zion. I thought I could pull it off at his First birthday party, while he was sick and in front of all our guests. At that time, it really freaked him out, so when we tried another day, cake was his new nightmare! This time around as a more experienced mama, I went in a little more prepared. I had a vision in mind. I looked on Pinterest which clarified my vision. Then, I used what I had at home for props. The photos came out amazing, and it was the most stress free and enjoyable shoot I had ever done. Mateo would of ate that whole cake if he could. I don’t know why, but, watching babies eat their first cake is literally the cutest thing ever!

Tips for a DIY cake smash or baby shoot
1. Have a vision
2. Practice or Display your setup the night before so you’re not disappointed the day of shoot.
3. Choose a location or backdrop.
4. Best time to shoot outdoors is 1-2 hours before sunset.
5. Make sure your baby had a good nap and is feeling well before shoot.
6. Have an assistant to help. (Husbands are great lol)
7. Enjoy and have FUN no matter how your kid is performing. Sometimes the crying and candid moments make the best memories + photos.


(Photography assistant AKA dad)





-Mateo’s Burlap birthday crown was bought on Etsy from the La La Lola Shop

-Black jogger pants from Zara kids

-Black flag banner from target’s dollar spot

-Vintage letter board from Letter Folk
(Which I’m totally obsessed with)





  1. Skyla

    So stinkin’ adorable! His smile is contagious and I am eyeing that letter board! So neat.



      Thanks Skyla! Yes, so in love with this letter board. It’s so much fun!


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