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Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe Halloween is here!!! That means it’s practically New years already. Wow! How time flies. Hoku and I love to dress up every year, and now that we have kids, it’s even more fun to dress up as a family. Last year we were a Super Squad. I knew this year would be more challenging to find a costume that both my boys would keep on. They don’t like to wear hats or anything on their faces. Originally, I planned on being Sandy and Danny Zuko from the movie Grease. I was going to have Zion and Mateo dress up as the thunderbirds with their chucks and leather jackets. As Halloween approached, the idea of Grease didn’t excite me as much, so I came up with the idea of making our own DIY costumes out of cardboard, and be the crew from the Disney movie, CARS! Zion absolutely loves Lightning McQueen and I thought Mateo would be a perfect Tow Mater with his two front teeth. We leave for  Disneyland in a month, and I feel like this will give us a head start on celebrating that special Disney magic.

As Hoku started working on the cardboard CARS costumes, I didn’t expect much other than square boxes that we can paint and add  the details later. He blew me away! These costumes look so legit before there was even any paint on it. He’s not an artist in any way, but, he cut out shapes that we copied on google, and just taped it all together. The best part about making these costumes was that we didn’t have to spend much money on them. We up-cycled The Honest Company diaper boxes we have collected over the months, and a few boxes from our new counter stools. This past weekend Hoku and I stayed up till 3:30am working hard on them. It’s nearly impossible to work on them when the boys are up, so we had to wait till their bedtime. I know some people probably think we are crazy to put so much effort and time into a Halloween costume, but I have really loved getting to spend all those extra hours alone with my husband. There is something truly special about working and completing a project together with your spouse. Unlike watching movies or television together, we got to hang out and have quality time (my love language)!  It’s really been a great bonding experience.

Zion’s 3rd birthday is approaching this December, and now that we have these cool CARS cutouts, we decided that a Drive-in Movie party would be a perfect theme to incorporate our hard work! Now we can enjoy this project a little longer.

I hope everyone has a safe but extra Spooktacular Halloween!


Float like a cadillac and sting like a beamer! Ka-chow!


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  1. Aubrey

    These came out so good!! You and Hoku are an awesome team!!


    1. nalani.garza@yahoo.com

      Thank You? We are so thrilled on the turnout.


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