Don’t Kale my vibe

A few years back, Hoku and I discovered a new love and passion for juicing our vegetables. It came after the worst case of food poisoning and we opted for a huge change in our diet and the way we eat! After watching the documentary “Fat, sick and nearly dead”, it gave us a whole new insight on the benefits and wonderful nutrition that juicing fruits and vegetables can provide. We have spent countless hours washing and preparing vegetables with our home juicer. It’s a lot of work cleaning, prepping, and more cleaning. We’ve wasted a good amount of vegetables and fruit from not using it in the alloted amount of time. As juicing has become more and more popular over the years, its been so much easier to buy already made fresh cold-pressed juice in stores. It saves me so much time and money. Last month we stumbled upon Pressed Juicery at our local mall. We immediately fell in love with their refreshing cold-pressed juice and juice freeze. Cold-pressed juicing uses a process called high pressure processing which allows the juices to be stored up to 3 days without losing its nutritional benefits and taste. What sold me at Pressed Juicery is their delicious juice freeze. It’s just like juice, but made into a frozen treat. They have four flavors, and each flavor allows you to pick unlimited amount of toppings of your choice. Personally our family favorite is “Greens”. The Greens Freeze flavor is made up of kale, spinach, romaine, cucumber, apple, lemon, dates, and coconut meat. I know, it may not sound that appealing, but it’s so tasty. We crave it all the time. My two-year old son loves it just as much as us, and lately it’s been the only way I can get some kind of vegetables in him. Which is a huge plus for this busy mama! #Winning


Check out their locations and find one near you.


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