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Let’s just stop and take a moment to appreciate our beautiful temples that God has blessed us with. Why are we never content in where we stand when it comes to our bodies, When years down the line we always wish that we could have the figures that we had in our younger years? For me, it’s been a process where I’ve had to train myself to just be thankful that I am healthy and to remind myself that I have been beautifully and perfectly made in the image of Christ. There is no flaw in me!

I have been a dancer for all my life which gratefully kept me in good shape. It wasn’t until my early 20’s where I developed a new passion for weightlifting and eating healthy. Before I had my children, I entered two local bodybuilding competitions where I competed in the bikini category. I was fortunate enough to take first place in my height class. I had dreams in continuing this new passion of mines and was striving for my IFBB bikini pro card. At this same time, I was growing in my relationship with Christ and felt it on my heart that my new dream didn’t align with God’s plans for my life, so that dream slowly faded. Being a wife and a mother is definitely my calling and I know that I wouldn’t be able to share The Gospel if I continued down the bodybuilding path. I still love to work out and eating healthy is a huge part of my lifestyle.


It’s so easy to be consumed in the daily routine of motherhood and the exhaustion is real! There is barely any time to eat or even use the bathroom in peace. So many people ask me how I do it? It’s simple, I just make the time! I make it a priority like brushing my teeth. I would love to workout at the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours a day, but realistically, for my family and I, that just isn’t going to happen. My husband, parents, and in-laws all work full-time jobs which makes finding childcare challenging. When my husband isn’t working, I value our family time much more than my physical gains, so I always choose to spend that extra time with them. Although, I do try my best to make it to the gym at least once or twice a week. The last five months I have found that my little workouts at home combined with my pretty strict diet has been a huge success when it comes to my postpartum fitness goals. My kids are my motivation. I’m a mom of 2 energetic little boys and I want to be able to chase them around for many years to come. Planking has been an amazing help with my core and tightening all the areas that pregnancy has caused. It’s such an easy workout you can do in your living room and the kids love to join in and pretend your body is a jungle gym. They’re always climbing on top me, pulling my hair, stealing my iPhone timer and making it extra difficult to finish, but it’s fun to make a game out of it. I sometimes have to put on a movie to distract them just so I can finish up. I have so much home workouts and diet tips that I can’t wait to share in my future posts. I just want to encourage you and remind you that you are all on your own unique journey. Try to appreciate all that you have now, set goals and take it one day at a time. Don’t let the lie of comparison steal your joy and unmotivate you to your full potential. Everyone’s fitness story is different and never forget that God doesn’t look at our outer appearance, He looks at our heart!


You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

Song of Solomon 4:7

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  1. Ilana

    Wow sister.. You’re such an inspiration to me! On mom & fitness level as well as a woman of God. You are truly amazing!



      Wow Ilana! You always give life-giving words of encouragement to me and I appreciate it so much. Thank you!


  2. Chereseangoco

    You truly are an inspiration! It saddens me how society and social media now and days become so consumed with the outer appearance of others, that we fail to nourish our innermost spiritual being. You are absolutely right! We are perfect in God’s image and he did not make no mistakes! Therefore, we need to embrace it! ???



      Yes!!! I couldn’t agree more! Thank you.


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