My Sweet Mateo

My baby is 10 months old! Which means he turns ONE in two months, and I’m not okay with that! They really weren’t joking when they say that your second child grows up even faster than your first. Oh how I love my sweet Mateo! He’s a little ball of pure joy! I’ve never known anyone so bubbly and happy all of the time. Over the past couple of months, it feels like all my days have blended together into one long day. I wish I could just press a pause button so I can soak in the all the precious moments a little longer. Being that he is my second born, it’s a lot harder to give him all of my attention like my first-born got. My only regret is that sometimes I chose to tackle the house chores, or clean the tornado my boys left in the living room instead of spending that extra quality time with my baby. I only have two months left before he turns ONE and I am constantly reminding myself to slow down and to appreciate all of him.

Being able to be a stay at home mom to watch him grow has easily been one of the greatest rewards of my life. It’s fascinating to see how different he is from his big brother, yet almost the same. Mateo is going to have some incredible spiritual gifts that I know will bring a lot of people to know God’s infinite love! I just pray that I continue to guide him down that path and give him everything he needs from his mama.


My dearest Mateo Rock Kahokuonalani Garza,

Your little presence in your wittle chubby body has made such a huge imprint on mommy’s heart. Your smile is crazy beautiful! It lights up my world, and witnessing it can instantly change my mood from sad to happy. I love the sound of your laugh, and the adoring look you give to your brother Zion. You’re so special, and I know God is already using you at such a young age to impact everyone who surrounds you. These next few weeks we will continue to celebrate you everyday, while making tons of memories that will stick with mommy and daddy for a lifetime. I know you won’t remember them, but you’ll have a super awesome photo album to look back on!

Mommy & Daddy love you with all of our hearts!!!


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    He’s absolutely precious!?


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